Cake Classes

I am always looking for ways to further my knowledge in the pastry world. I read articles online along with books and I belong to a professional organization but the hardest things for me to find are classes to take. I’m not looking to take some of these cake classes that cost upwards of a thousand dollars just a simply class. I mean yeah it would be nice to sit down for a few days and learn from these people but I just do not have that kind of money to spend or the time to take off from work especially in this economy.

I know Wilton offers classes at local stores but I’m too advanced to take them at this point.  The local colleges offer classes but I took them already when I when to college. So where does this leave me? Am I going to have to drive a far distance to be taught for one day a skill or will I just have to shell out all that money to learn from the so-called best?  I guess I just have to teach myself from the numerous books I am beginning to accumulate.

Crafsty now offers classes online at a reasonable price. They can average around $40 bucks but a good sale makes them $15. I recently took my first one and I am in love with them!!!! They are perfect for me, I am advanced enough that what they are telling me to do, I can do successfully!

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