Cake Airbrushing Instructions

Using an airbrush machine to decorate cakes will save you a lot of time. It is a quick way to add color to your cakes.  While the airbrush machine is a bit pricey, you may find it worthwhile for the time it saves, allowing you to decorate more cake.

Cake Airbrushing Instructions

  1. Add a smooth layer of white icing to your cake
  2. Pick out what colors and patterns you will be working with
  3. Draw the pattern on your cake with edible black gel or just free hand airbrush it
  4. When airbrushing spray color on a paper towel first to make sure you are spraying at the right pressure
  5. I suggest airbrushing at a 45 degree angle a few inches away from the cake
  6. When filling the airbrush with color make sure not to over fill the color so it doesn’t spill out
  7. Make sure to clean your airbrush equipment with water or alcohol between each color

Now that you finished airbrushing your cake, you can add additional decorations as desired…

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