Designing a Cake

It’s a new time in the world cake decorating. Gone are the times of just going into a bakery and picking a average cake from a book, designing a cake yourself is now in.  Nowadays people want a unique and special cake that no one has ever seen before. So let me give you some tips on how design a cake.

Have a plan of action for what kind of cake you want. Do your research online before you head to the bakery. Go into the bakery with a few ideas, designs, and colors of what you want your cake to look like.  Swatches and picture are always a good starting point for your cake design. Most bakeries do not like to copy other cakes, it just leads to disapppointment with the customers if it is not exact.  However we can make cakes that resemble others. Realize that we want to do exactly what you. We deal with design and color ideas constantly, we knows what will look good. We will advise you on what we think will look the best.  Of course, if you have your heart set on something else, we will design it to the best of our abilities.


Bad Order Taking

My job could be so much easier if people just learned how to take a order. I do not understand why it is so hard to do. All you have to do is ask the customer what they want and write it down. We have books that quote prices, flavors, sizes, and even decorations. Still our sales girls get orders wrong constantly. Even when they are told to have all orders checked by managers, there are still issues with them.

Let me be perfectly clear to you sales girls, it is not hard to take a order! Here is the method to use- ask what size, cake flavor, icing flavor, colors of flowers, and colors of writing the customer wants. Than refer to the book for your price. It is in there I know I have checked it many times before.

If the customer wants some funky buttercream color, ask them to bring in a swatch. I do not know what color they are thinking of when they say “ya know wine watermelon fuschia”. What color is that? If I look up that color online three thousand different colors will come up. Also, please be able to understand your own writing. How will I ever be able to finish a cake, if I ask you a question and you do not understand what you wrote?


Ordering Your Birthday Cake

Ordering Your Birthday CakeWhen you go into a bakery to order a cake remember theses things. Our normal for sale birthday cakes are a set price anything that you would like to add in addition to this is extra. That includes flavored icings, different flowers, drawings, photo scans, or borders/trims. If your cake idea is not the normal for the bakery it will cost more. The more you get angry over our cake prices, the less we are willing to do for you. Niceness and customer loyalty goes a long way with getting what you want. Remember you are coming to us for a product that you can not or do not want to do yourself.

Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Ordering Your Wedding CakeThere are some things that you need when ordering your wedding cake. The exact number of guest you would like to feed. What colors you will be using along with swatches. What flavor of cake you want. What type of design you are looking for. Most cake designers do not like replicating other peoples work so exact matches may be hard to come by. Do not depend on the bakery having tons of pictures for you to look at for this reason. It may also be wise of you to know that extras such as fillings, design, or flowers can be an extra charge. Anything beyond a normal cake  is extra, it cost us more so it will cost you more also.

Customer Designed Cakes

Customer Designed CakesI just love when a customer come into my store and knows exactly what they want. It really is a breath of fresh air except when they want to design their cake in  a way that does not make sense. When a customer tells me that they are a designer or artist I get worried. Just because you understand design and detail it does not mean it will look good on your tiered cake or that we can do exactly how you want it. At the end of the day we are the ones that know what will look best with your ideas. If you choose to go against us and you do not like your cake that is your fault! No money back because you designed your cake in a way we did not agree with.  We are the ones that know how fondant, buttercream, and chocolate take color or how it needs to  be placed on cakes. So the n ext time you question us remember that we are trying to give you the best product we can.