Have Cake, Will Travel- Tv Show

So I got all excited that a new cake show was coming on especially since Ashley Vicos was the star. I just loved her work on competition shows and I even met her at a trade show and she seemed so sweet and skilled.  When I sat down to look at this show, I was in disbelief how awful this show actually was.  I mean come on, probably more than half of all cake decorators can do the stuff she is out there doing. Maybe its not her fault, maybe it’s the shows fault for seeming too scripted and planned out!  I have not and will not be watching again.

Ultimate Cake Off

Does anyone notice on this show how after the second challenge the winner of the taste test is never announced? The show just comes back from commercial break and you see the competitor choosing who is gonna sit out for a half hour. I thought the editors of the show just screwed up once but the more I watch the show I realized it’s the same way each show!