CupcakesCupcakes appeal to all age groups; therefore they have become more popular in recent years. We have seen cupcakes go from something you had with desserts to being the main dessert. Cupcakes have become the main dessert at birthday parties and weddings thanks to some creative ideas. Cupcakes can be made into many shapes for birthday parties.  The cakes can be decorated simply or over the top. The cupcakes just break apart from the cake, so it is not as messy as a normal cake. There are also cupcake towers used for birthday parties and weddings. When using a cupcake tower you can have a variety of cake flavors, decorations for your cakes, and it usually it is a bit cheaper than a tiered cake. They can be filled with a variety of flavors, coated with different icings, and then decorated with sprinkles, flowers, fondant animals; whatever appeals to you.

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