Customers Who Want It All

Why can’t you do this 10 tiered cake for 30 people? Why can’t you draw 3 transformers on my 8 inch cake? Why can’t I place a order for 15 pies for 30 minutes from now? Why Don’t you do this? Why Don’t you do that? Why Why Why???
We Try our best to do everything that everyone wants, but sometime we just can’t. We may not have the product, the supplies, or the time to do your order. Things cannot always come immediately. Our bakery need time to prepare, order, and figure out how we are going to make things. This is not a supermarket where you can just walk in and buy something premade.  We are a bakery who cares about the product that is being put out! Can you make a dinner for 5 people in two minutes? NO! Well why not, you think we should be able to do things like that.

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