Going Beyond Your Duties

The bakery where I work I am always asked to go beyond my duties. I was hired as a cake decorator. This involves icing and decorating cakes. That’s it! We are not suppose to do anything  that is not relate to cake decorating. That means answering phones, taking orders, baking, or waiting on customers.

Recently, our one owner has being trying to change my duties. When the phone rings she wants me to get  it. She wants me to take customer orders. She basically wants me to start doing my job and the job of a counter girl. Now when I have to do both jobs my original job as a decorator gets put on hold. that means all of my timed cake orders have to wait until I’m done on the phone. So if a customer come in for their cake early it is probably not going to be done.  All this is fine to a point.

The point comes when my cake order is late because of me answering the phones. The customer gets mad and than the owner gets mad at me for not having the cake ready. Well guess what? It is all your fault for making me do others jobs!  Hire people for the job you need to fill. Do not under staff your bakery and expect people to fill in where needed and still rush around to get everything done. It is not going to happen like you want it to. The only  thing that is happening is that you are making people mad both customers and employees.

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