Lying in the Bakery

I do a lot of ordering at my work. What I do not order, someone else does. I always try to stay up to date on all the prices of the goods coming in reguardless of who is ordering them. This way if I ever open up my own business, I will have an idea of ingredient prices.

So when I heard the owner tell me that something cost a lot more than it actually does it annoys me. Why are they trying to lie to me? Do they not realize that I know how much everything cost?

Now I was told, maybe they were trying to get the point across that prices have gone up. Maybe they feel that we are being wasteful with product? Everything that is wasted in a day cost a lot of money in the end. I understand all that, but do not come to me and tell me that each batch of icing cost a thousands of dollars to make. I clearly know that its only hundreds. I now and always will see you as a liar  and how will that benefit your business?

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