No Wedding Cake Orders

Happy 11-11-11! Today is a huge day in the wedding world. Which means bakeries are very busy making and delivering wedding cakes. Everyone knew this day would come so they prepared for it! They went to bridal shows, ran ads, tweeted about it, and posted specials on the facebook walls.

My bakery did none of the above! We are for sale. We are losing business on a daily basis. This time last year, I could expect a 40+ hour work week. This year I’m barely making 30 hours.  We do not advertise or use any social media outlet to drum up business. This weekend I only had one wedding cake! ONE! Most bakeries are packed with wedding cake orders this weekend.

The owners just keep saying “No one has any money to spend that is why we are not busy.” Nope that’s not it! We did not do what we are suppose to do in order to get business. My co worker mentioned to the owner ” Do you know what today is? Other local bakeries have a lot of wedding cake orders. Where are ours at?”  The owner said “Really”. Yes really!!!!

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