Not Opening on Time

I am always on time. I think it is a good character trait to have. It shows dependability and a willingness to work. So why when I show up to work do I always have to wait for you to get there? At first, I thought you over slept, okay one day is fine but why did you not call to tell me? Here I am, sitting in your parking lot waiting for you to come. Than you show up and say, oh I didn’t know you would be waiting for me. I do not have keys to go in so why wouldn’t I be? The next week and numerous times after this the same thing happens.  Other employees are with me these times, were all talking about leaving after your really late. Some do but I stayed because I’m getting paid to sit in the parking lot. The next time it happens, I have had enough and I leave to! Than you have the nerve to get mad at me for not coming to work! Show up on time and maybe your employees will not leave. This is no way to run a business!

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