Phone Usage

I know you do not want us to make personal phone calls on the bakery phone. We do anyway, so you have decided to end all outgoing calls. Now what happens when we need a line out? Oh, we have to use our own personal cell phones to call the bakery to get a line out. So now, I have to waste a minute to call the bakery, wait for the phone to ring, pick it up while hanging up my phone, than make a call out. God Forbid I have to call 911, I have to run to get my phone, call and tell the operator right where I am. She can not see my location like she could if I called from your phone! Now what would happen if one of your 15 year old employees had to call in a panic, do you think she could remember your address? Oh, she might not? Well my suggestion would be to get an outgoing line!

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