Proofing Rolls

My proofer is not in the ideal spot, actually it couldn’t be in a worse spot. It is right next to the back door. Now I have asked numerous times if it could be moved and I was told no. My proof box is nothing more than an old metal box with a hot plate in it. I add water to an old can, place it on to the hot plate, and close the door. I wait until the box gets warm so I can add my rolls and bread. Now if your employees keep the back door open so they can smoke in the middle of winter, how do you expect the proof box to get warm? It won’t, but than you look at me like where’s my rolls? Hello, what part of  can we move the box do you not understand? If you do not wanna move it, tell your employees they are not allowed to open that door and to use one of the other 3! This way I can do my job properly.

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