You Want That Now?

Everyone needs help from time to time. In my business we need the extra help on weekends and during holidays. So why is it that the owners of the business do not understand this? It is the same old stuff week after week. We get a ton of orders and we’re super busy.

This is the time that they want extra special cakes or sample cakes. I do understand why they want it, but can they not see that we just do not have the time? Sample cakes can be made in our down time, you know slow days that are not part of the weekends. Special cakes should be put in a special book so I can allow time to complete it properly.There should never be a fondant covered cake or a hand painted cake order in with all our normal sale cakes.

No matter how many times I try and tell the owners about this, it just falls on deaf ears. I can not do everything little thing you need me to do when I’m busy. Orders comes first not fluff work!