That Is NOT What I Ordered, I Want It Free!

Boy am I tired of hearing the phrase “That is not what I ordered, I want it free”. I follow the order form in front of me, if it is not written down I do not do it. Maybe you forgot to tell the sales girl properly what you ordered or maybe you think that if you complain you can get something for free? Yep that is it you want something for free. We know your trick everyone is doing it now. Here it is –

  • You place a order for exactly what you want
  •  than you come in to pickup your order, you act rushed the whole time
  • your order comes out just liked you wanted but you say it is wrong
  •  you ask for a manager who offers to fix it for you
  •  you say that your late and very unhappy with our bakery
  • you say that you will not be coming back
  •  you have not paid yet
  • so you say I shouldn’t have to pay for something that is not right
  •  so you say I should get this for free
  •  we do not want to lose business so we give in to your request

Now you walk out happy as a clam with your perfectly made cake that you just got for free.

One thought on “That Is NOT What I Ordered, I Want It Free!

  1. …or they MUST place their order over the phone due to blah, blah, blah… they only want 2 doz. cupcakes w/HAPPY BIRTHDAY picks ~ airbrushed to match the picks w/a few sprinkles. I describe their various pick choices which in detail. They select the bright colors, uttering phrases like, “Oh sure, that would be fine” & “whatever you think” “thanks so much”. Since this is such an easy order, you accept the order on short notice. (let’s not even go there) They send someone else in to pick up the order on Saturday, then they call on Monday to say the colors were hideous (they matched the picks you described in detail w/adjectives like bright green, hot pink, etc.)& they demand a refund. You tell them the order should have been rejected at the time of pickup since they ordered over the phone. They say, “well they tasted terrible” “they were dry” “they were disgusting”, etc. They are adamant and rude, even uttering expletives & making threats so you authorize your employee to make a (method of payment) refund to their debit card. You then call a customer that purchased cupcakes from the same batch ~ same exact batch. Their upcakes were “moist & delicious” & “awesome”. WoW! Strange, huh? Five days after you issue credit to the customer’s debit card, they come into your bakery threatening your employee for not refunding the money they promised. Essentially, they plotted the whole thing; they need the $$$ back immediately & it’s my fault the bank has not credited their account yet? So now, I provided a copy of the receipt (a copy of which was also mailed to her 5 days prior to a local address) showing the credit had been issed 5 days prior. I then(politely) suggested she take it up with her bank, since she would be trespassing if she returned to my bakery. These are the customers that we pray mean it when they threaten to never return.

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