Topsy Turvy Cake

This is an example of our topsy turvy cake. By all means they are not my favorite cakes to do. I think they were created when a baker screwed up his batch of cakes. He did not want to remake them, so he just iced it as is and called it the topsy turvy cake.

Customers come into the bakery with picture of exactly what they want their cake to look like all the time. We do not match cakes exactly because we do not like to infringe on other people’s work. Also, when we make our cakes we do not square our cake tiers off, we round them.

Here the top tier looks like it is being swallowed up by the bottom tier. I know that is the way some people like their cake to look but not me. However sometimes you just have to do what the boss tells you to! It maybe not have been the look the customer was going for, but we had no complaints. Also the vertical stripes are not straight nor do they even look the same width.Topsy Turvy Cake

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