Under the Sea Cake

This is one of our under the sea cakes. It is sometime fun to make when the customer just gives you a theme. At other times, we need to follow a color pallette or drawing instructions.
For this cake I do I do see some 3D elements, yet there could be more. The sea weed could be higher and the color could be mixed better instead of just being striped. The coral could have had thicker lines to make it look more realistic and those fish a child could have drawn. Just by adding a little more detail can make a world of difference in your cakes! Also, if they chose a darker color bow for the topper it would have pulled this cake together better.

2 thoughts on “Under the Sea Cake

  1. What a vibrant design. This is awesome.
    I can never get my curls to stand up like yours do.
    Any idea as to why my curls crack and break?



  2. My curls break when my fondant is either not dry yet or to thin. I would try rolling out your fondant a little thicker, using a little more 10x sugar (so they slide off the dowel easier), and rolling the fondant around your dowel a little looser. Let me know how this works for ya!

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