Swirls Whirls Cake

This is our Swirls Whirls cake. It is one of our more popular cakes. This is  a three tiered cake with a different pattern on each tier. We added a bow on top with shooting stars. Generally, we like our bows to match the cake but we did as the customer wanted and put a white bow on with stripes.

We let the customer pick out patterns that they like and we offer our assistance along the way. With things such as, pattern choices and color palettes that go well together. I think that this cake turned out quite nice.

The color choices that the customer made worked well this time. Some customers come in with crazy ideas of what colors work well with each other. We always tell them our opinion with color, but sometimes they just do not listen. I personally think that this cake would have look better with a solid color bow on top, but I can’t make the final decision on it. I was just happy that the customer left our bakery happy with the cake!

swirls and whirls cake

Engagement Ring Box Cake


People like to mimic non edible things with cake. Here is an example of a engagement ring box cake. The customer wanted everything made out of fondant, but once we told her the price she changed her mind. We did let the customer know that we never guaranteed exact color or design (they are copyrighted you know) We finished this box and were please with the outcome along with the customer.

This cake was made out of colored buttercream, airbrush color, and fondant accents. The design on the ring box is not identical to the actual box but it was close.

Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Here is a fondant jungle baby shower cake that my bakery made. It is very simple and was easy to make.

Here is what I did

Everything on here is fondant, with the exception of the tree. We wrapped a pretzel rod in chocolate fondant so it would stand up straight and be edible. We are big on everything being edible. I mean who would want to bite into a plastic straw, wooden dow, or metal wires holding their cake together.

It really amazes me on some of the ideas that our customers come up with.  They even draw out cake so we get their idea more clearly. This is one of those cakes. We would have preferred to do some of the decorations in buttercream, just our preference, but the customer wanted all fondant. She’s the boss and she loved her jungle baby shower cake.

Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Topsy Turvy Directions

Topsy Turvy cakes are fairly easy  to make. They look hard to make and people are very impressed by them. First, you will need to bake a few cakes and then level them straight. I prefer to use a few 9 inch round cakes and a level.  Next you will want to ice in between the layers and  stack your cakes accordingly. Now make sure to level your cake flat, you will want your trimmed cake to resemble a box~straight up and down sides and a flat top. Once this is done, cut at angle from one top corner of your cake about 2/3 the way down to the other side of the cake. Remove the top piece that you just cut and coat the bottom half of your cake with icing. Now flip the top piece of your cake around, so both of the high pieces of the cake lay on top of each other. Make sure that the top and bottom pieces lay flat together and have straight up and down sides. Cover entire cake with  icing and enjoy your topsy turvy cake. Remember your cake does not have to be perfect, it just has to taste good!

How to Make a Shaped Cake

Shaped cakes are fairly simply to make, if you have the right tools. At my bakery we do 2d shaped cakes daily.  We cut the shape out of sheet cakes only. There is basically no limit on what we can make.

How to make a shaped cake

We first find a picture online of our character. Than we place that picture in our  kopy kake machine, we than trace the outline of the picture onto the cake.  From here, we cut out the shape and ice it. We than go back and trace out the details and fill them in with icing or airbrush color.


Barbie Cake

Oh barbie, how we love thee! Barbie cakes are a huge seller at my bakery. Every little girl wants one. Here is just one of the many designs we make of the barbie cake. We can do any design that the customer thinks of. The only thing that stops their imagination sometimes is the rising price of their detailed designs.

Decorating Instrucions

The cake consist of  four 8 inch cakes, stacked on top of each other, rounded at the edges, buttercream iced, and decorated. We add a fondant plaque for the writing. We feel it gives our cake that extra special touch!

Waiting In Line At The Bakery

Waiting in line at the bakery sucks, especially when the line is long. At my job, we always have a line. Everyone has to wait, even if you preordered your baked goods, even if you paid already. I know it is not a good system but it is the one we have. No, we do not have a different line for ordered goods. No, I can not help you as I am the decorator putting cakes out for sale. My suggestion is to take a number and wait just like everyone else. Maybe you could complain to management and they would change their line structure, instead of just telling me. My suggestion to you, is to order you goods for early morning and than ask the sales girl when is a good time to come in so you do not have to wait in line all day. Or maybe we can get some menus printed up from someone like www.printingpeach.com so the customers have something to read while waiting in line. Always remember that a line in the bakery is good. It shows that are products are worth the wait!

Baby Bottom Cake

We call this cake our Baby Bottom Cake. This is a cake that I have been getting a lot of orders for lately. I do not know who originally designed it, but I do not like it! This cake is  basically made to look like a baby’s bottom with a blanket over it. It would be cute if the rest of the body was with it, but nope it’s just the baby’s bottom.


We first start off with a iced 10 inch layer cake, we than stack a iced 8 inch cake  that was round on the edges on top of it. From here we roll out baby legs, feet, a blanket, polka dots, a ribbon, and bow. We than add the baby’s legs and feet, than drape the blanket over them. Our final step is to add the ribbon, bow, and polka dots.

Badly Designed Cakes

Um, what happened here? There seems to be everything wrong with this cake. First let us start with the tiers being different sizes. Why are they like this? There is a silly pattern on top of an unleveled tier. The L and the box design around it are crooked along with the pink line around the base of the cake. I wonder what the customer was thinking when ordering this cake. Why did the order taker not tell the customer her cake would come out looking bad? This cake is the perfect example of a badly designed cakes!Badly Designed Cakes

Lion Head Cake

The customer ordered a lion head cake and this is what we came up with. We decided to go for more of a cartoon look rather than real. It was for a child and we did not want him to be scared of the cake. It is a large round cake and 2 large cupcakes.

How I made it

The cake and cupcakes are iced tan and than airbrushed to give the lion a little dimension. His face is drawn on using buttercream and chocolate straws for his whiskers. His hair consist of different color icings striped in a bag, than piped out using a grass tip.lion's head cake

Designing a Cake

It’s a new time in the world cake decorating. Gone are the times of just going into a bakery and picking a average cake from a book, designing a cake yourself is now in.  Nowadays people want a unique and special cake that no one has ever seen before. So let me give you some tips on how design a cake.

Have a plan of action for what kind of cake you want. Do your research online before you head to the bakery. Go into the bakery with a few ideas, designs, and colors of what you want your cake to look like.  Swatches and picture are always a good starting point for your cake design. Most bakeries do not like to copy other cakes, it just leads to disapppointment with the customers if it is not exact.  However we can make cakes that resemble others. Realize that we want to do exactly what you. We deal with design and color ideas constantly, we knows what will look good. We will advise you on what we think will look the best.  Of course, if you have your heart set on something else, we will design it to the best of our abilities.


Bakery Website

A bakery’s website is now the way of the future. If you do not have a website you are living in the past. A website describes your business. A good website will allure people to your business. Your website will basically do the selling for you. Our bakery website does not do this for our business. All the employees know this but we can not change it. Our owners realize this to but are to lazy to fix it. It is very tiresome and embarrassing to continually tell customers that they must call the bakery to find out prices of our products or come in to see pictures of our work. Our website should have these basic things. It should also have a link to upload pictures and order cakes. We should have wedding cake prices and a order form so people can do their ordering from their home if they choose to. We live in an age of technology where the we should be able to do everything online. We could even hire a company like http://calitso.com/  to help us fix our computers so we do not have any issues. So with my bakery not having this, we are behind in the times!

Bakery Vacations

When bakeries close for vacation, everything stops. Workers stop going to work, deliveries stop, and money stops coming in. This is usually the time when bakeries are the slowest. Bakeries close for improvement and sometime just to give the owners sometime off. In my opinion though, bakeries should never close. I understand slow times, but if your not open you can not make any money. Also you can possibly lose customers who now have to go somewhere else for their sweet treat of the day. Paying your employees is also money going out with nothing coming in. I believe that every bakery should be able to have employees and owners go on vacation at different time while the bakery is still open and operational. I believe that there is only one reason ever to close and that would be your oven broke down! However since you are closing for vacations I think I might head to Las Ventanas.

Personal Sized Tiered Cakes

Every bride wants to have something special at her wedding. Some brides opt for small personal sized tiered cakes for each guest rather than one large cake. These cakes are basically made the same as their larger version with the exception of them being tiny. Many personal sized tiered cakes are two tiers. You can have the cake decorated in any fashion you want. Make sure to remember that the more detailed the cake, the higher the price is going to be. Generally a large tiered cakes for 100 people will cost less than 100 personal sized tiered cakes. Below are are a few examples of personal sized tiered cakes.Personal-Sized-Tiered-Cakes