Running Out Of Supplies

Supplies are necessary to keep a business on track and open. When a business makes a habit of running out of supplies it is usually not a good sign.  The business may not have the money to keep supplies on hand or they may just have a bad manager who does not know how to order the proper amount of supplies.

My business runs out of supplies constantly. In one aspect it is a good thing, it shows that we have a good enough business where everything sells out. On the other hand, it shows that we don’t care enough not to run out. The usual excuse I get when I tell the boss that we ran out of cake boards is that “They cost  a lot of money to buy – that we used more than we normally do- or the truck never came.”  Theses answers are not a good reason, it takes money to make money. If you don’t buy it, we can’t sell  it and if our trucks are not arriving maybe we should contact  to get it here on time. We do a steady amount of business, during our busy times, like holidays and graduations the boss should know to order more stuff. If he does not, that is his fault that we ran out.

What does he expect me to tell a customer when I do not have a box to put their cake in? Or when we give them to big of a cake board? Even when we up their cake size because we ran out of the size they wanted? The truth, that we ran out is not a good excuse to the customer.

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