When Owners Fight in the Bakery

When owners fight in the bakery it is just bad news. I work for a family business. The parents own the business and all the children work there. They drive everyone nuts when they fight. They talk about each other behind their back to the employees. When one sibling gets mad at the other, they pick on employees.

I should not have to deal with this, I am a employees of the business not a family member. Family fights should be had at home not in the work place. If they disagree with each other over something, why do I have to know about it? You guys are making my job harder than it should be.

Eight people should not all be my direct manager, I should have one. I think you guys need to figure out a way to get along when you are working together. When I have a question and I ask one manager, you should answer me. The other managers there should just accept their decision the manager made. Please do not tell me to ignore it just because you do not agree wit it. It puts me in the middle and leads me to be confused on what to do. Set up a system of order, rank your managers in number order of who I should listen to over others. you could even get someone like http://jmd-law.ca/ to help you guys work something out legally. Just don’t put me in the middle anymore.