Understaffed Bakery

Have you ever gone into a bakery and your order was not ready or there was a line out the door? This is one sign of an understaffed bakery. Under staffing is a major problem that has a trickle down effect on everyone involved. Sometimes it’s no ones fault, someone may have called out sick or gotten hurt. Other times it is the fault of the owners or mangers who wanna cut cost to gain more profit.

Under staffing is a major problem for both owners, employees, and customers. Lets start with employees first, they become over worked. Once over worked and tired, employees may not make your product as well as they would have if they were not over worked. The employee may make your product wrong or not give you exactly what you ordered. Than there is the customer, you may get annoyed for having to wait in an extra long line. Than when you get the counter, the bakery may not have what you want or it may be wrong. Finally we have the owners, they may think that their making lots of money for under staffing the bakery. However they may not realized that when employees get tired or mad they take it out on the customer. This in turn leads to unhappy customer which will go else where to buy their baked goods, in turn leading to a loss of business and profits. Maybe they need some keep from Weller & Zimaro to keep track of their profits and losses so they could see what they are doing could be harmful.

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