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I knew as a young child what I wanted to be. Right after high school I enrolled in college in a pastry arts program.  A few years later I graduated with honors and a certification in pasty arts. I have never worked outside the hospitality industry; it’s the only thing I know. It’s been a journey deciding what path in the pastry field I wanted to go into. There is baking, fine dining, decorating,  and many more – all of which are worth discovering. I’ve worked in all areas, but found I enjoyed decorating the most.

I started this website to help other individuals in the pastry world. This websites goal is to answer questions that people have about baking or decorating in a profession manner. I also offer my culinary view on working inside bakeries and restaurants. While creating this blog and working, it has made me realized what direction I should go in for the future. So starting my own business in now one of my goals.

Hopefully this blog will make me realize what I need to do right in my future business venture. It will also help me to know what I did not like, so maybe I will not do things the same way some of my employers did.

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