Piping Sugar Veil

Piping Sugar VeilI recently tried sugar veil for the very first time.  I was so excited to use it, the articles I had read on it made it seem so easy to do. Damask was my pattern of choice for my first time, needless to say it was  hard to do! Maybe it was the detailed pattern or maybe it was the sugar veil. The sugar veil was the consistency of melted marshmallows and it was extremely hard to pipe. Once I finished one line and pulled the bag away, the sugar veil would make a peak on the end of the line that I than had to fix. When I finished piping my designs I was only 80% please with the look. However when I picked up the design to place on my cake I was 100% pleased because it was flexible and easy to do. Now I probably will use it again but maybe not for very detailed patterns.

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