Baby Butt Cake

I am not a fan of this baby butt cake. I get the idea that the decorator was going for, but it is still just a baby butt cake with no head.


In order to create this cake the decorator used 2 cakes and set it up like a tradition tiered cake. On the top tier the decorator tried to round the cake so it was shaped more like a baby butt. She iced it white to look like a diaper, added some chocolate fondant legs, and added blanket to cover it all. She added polka dots to the entire cake to make it balanced and added a bow at the bottom.

I feel that at least some parts of this cake could have been done better, like adding fondant ruffles to the diaper area. This way it could cover up any imperfections in the icing. It would have also looked more realistic. The bow at the bottom could have been done better also.  The bows loops do not look to be the same size and it does not have that nice little wrinkle bows have or even ribbons.Baby Butt Cake

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