Swirls Whirls Cake

This is our Swirls Whirls cake. It is one of our more popular cakes. This is  a three tiered cake with a different pattern on each tier. We added a bow on top with shooting stars. Generally, we like our bows to match the cake but we did as the customer wanted and put a white bow on with stripes.

We let the customer pick out patterns that they like and we offer our assistance along the way. With things such as, pattern choices and color palettes that go well together. I think that this cake turned out quite nice.

The color choices that the customer made worked well this time. Some customers come in with crazy ideas of what colors work well with each other. We always tell them our opinion with color, but sometimes they just do not listen. I personally think that this cake would have look better with a solid color bow on top, but I can’t make the final decision on it. I was just happy that the customer left our bakery happy with the cake!

swirls and whirls cake

Engagement Ring Box Cake


People like to mimic non edible things with cake. Here is an example of a engagement ring box cake. The customer wanted everything made out of fondant, but once we told her the price she changed her mind. We did let the customer know that we never guaranteed exact color or design (they are copyrighted you know) We finished this box and were please with the outcome along with the customer.

This cake was made out of colored buttercream, airbrush color, and fondant accents. The design on the ring box is not identical to the actual box but it was close.

Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Here is a fondant jungle baby shower cake that my bakery made. It is very simple and was easy to make.

Here is what I did

Everything on here is fondant, with the exception of the tree. We wrapped a pretzel rod in chocolate fondant so it would stand up straight and be edible. We are big on everything being edible. I mean who would want to bite into a plastic straw, wooden dow, or metal wires holding their cake together.

It really amazes me on some of the ideas that our customers come up with.  They even draw out cake so we get their idea more clearly. This is one of those cakes. We would have preferred to do some of the decorations in buttercream, just our preference, but the customer wanted all fondant. She’s the boss and she loved her jungle baby shower cake.

Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Barbie Cake

Oh barbie, how we love thee! Barbie cakes are a huge seller at my bakery. Every little girl wants one. Here is just one of the many designs we make of the barbie cake. We can do any design that the customer thinks of. The only thing that stops their imagination sometimes is the rising price of their detailed designs.

Decorating Instrucions

The cake consist of  four 8 inch cakes, stacked on top of each other, rounded at the edges, buttercream iced, and decorated. We add a fondant plaque for the writing. We feel it gives our cake that extra special touch!

Baby Bottom Cake

We call this cake our Baby Bottom Cake. This is a cake that I have been getting a lot of orders for lately. I do not know who originally designed it, but I do not like it! This cake is  basically made to look like a baby’s bottom with a blanket over it. It would be cute if the rest of the body was with it, but nope it’s just the baby’s bottom.


We first start off with a iced 10 inch layer cake, we than stack a iced 8 inch cake  that was round on the edges on top of it. From here we roll out baby legs, feet, a blanket, polka dots, a ribbon, and bow. We than add the baby’s legs and feet, than drape the blanket over them. Our final step is to add the ribbon, bow, and polka dots.

Personal Sized Tiered Cakes

Every bride wants to have something special at her wedding. Some brides opt for small personal sized tiered cakes for each guest rather than one large cake. These cakes are basically made the same as their larger version with the exception of them being tiny. Many personal sized tiered cakes are two tiers. You can have the cake decorated in any fashion you want. Make sure to remember that the more detailed the cake, the higher the price is going to be. Generally a large tiered cakes for 100 people will cost less than 100 personal sized tiered cakes. Below are are a few examples of personal sized tiered cakes.Personal-Sized-Tiered-Cakes

Fake Cakes

fake cakesWhy would you want a fake cake when you can have a real one? I charge the same amount for both real and fake. I know that I have to do one less step when making a fake cake but the labor is just as hard. It does not take me any less time when I am decorating a fake cake compared to a real one. So why would I charge less? In fact it might actually cost me more, due to me having to buy materials and work with materials that will not go bad. Also what are you going to do with that 4 tired cake I make you? Do you have room for it in your home? Will you treasure it forever? Do you know that they get incredibly dusty and colors eventually fade? Why would you want to buy one fake cake and than buy sheet cakes to feed your guest? You probably are not even going to buy the sheet cakes from me. You will probably go to the closest or cheapest supermarket and buy subpar sheet cakes and pass them off as mine. This is one great reason that I do not offer fake cakes!

Christmas Tree Cake

It’s that time of year again where everything is merry and bright. Here is our first Christmas tree cake of the season! Ugly and gaudy I know, but the customers just love them.

How it is done

This Christmas tree cake was made in a shaped pan. It only comes in pound cake. It is iced in a poured fondant icing, tinted green. We covered the stump of the tree in chocolate buttercream and add buttercream decorations and Christmas sugars. It requires a lot of time and effort on our part, but the customers are so happy to see and buy them.Christmas Tree Cake

Baby Butt Cake

I am not a fan of this baby butt cake. I get the idea that the decorator was going for, but it is still just a baby butt cake with no head.


In order to create this cake the decorator used 2 cakes and set it up like a tradition tiered cake. On the top tier the decorator tried to round the cake so it was shaped more like a baby butt. She iced it white to look like a diaper, added some chocolate fondant legs, and added blanket to cover it all. She added polka dots to the entire cake to make it balanced and added a bow at the bottom.

I feel that at least some parts of this cake could have been done better, like adding fondant ruffles to the diaper area. This way it could cover up any imperfections in the icing. It would have also looked more realistic. The bow at the bottom could have been done better also.  The bows loops do not look to be the same size and it does not have that nice little wrinkle bows have or even ribbons.Baby Butt Cake

Halloween Cakes

I just love everything about halloween. The best part about it for me, is making halloween cakes. I’m so over candy, I just want cake!

This is a holiday where you can let your imagination take you anywhere it wants to go. Ghost, goblins, tombstones, and pumpkins are all perfect things to put on cake. You can make scary cakes or kiddy cakes, anything goes. Below are two examples of halloween cakes one scary the other not so much
Halloween Cakes

Hot Dog Cake Anyone

MMMM Hot Dog Cake Anyone! That’s right, someone wanted a cake shaped like a hot dog. I think this cake looks pretty good. However the paper plates stuck under I do not feel was such a great idea. I mean I understand why they are there but it ruins the hot dog bun. I would suggest that instead of the plates to make condiments and put them around the cake instead.