Crusting Buttercream recipe

crusting buttercream recipeThis is a variation of my crusting buttercream recipe that I use. It is a variation because it changed due to the weather conditions. In the summer i make it a little stiffer and in the winter a little thinner. The only difference I see with it, is that it take a little longer to crust in the winter time. However, it is one of the quicker crusting recipes that I have used over the years.


7 1/2 cup shortening

7 1/2 cup 10x sugar

4-6 oz of coffee creamer (1:1 ratio creamer to boiling water)

Flavoring to taste

This recipe makes enough icing to ice a few cakes fully. I prefer my icing to be a bit on the thinner side so I add most of the liquid to it. I would suggest adding less at first and then making it a consistency you like. I whip my icing for about ten minutes on a high-speed. I try to make  sure that my paddle is completely covered by the buttercream. This way, I prevent air from being introduced to the mixture. Remember the smoother it is in the bowl, the smoother your finished product will be!


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