Swirls Whirls Cake

This is our Swirls Whirls cake. It is one of our more popular cakes. This is  a three tiered cake with a different pattern on each tier. We added a bow on top with shooting stars. Generally, we like our bows to match the cake but we did as the customer wanted and put a white bow on with stripes.

We let the customer pick out patterns that they like and we offer our assistance along the way. With things such as, pattern choices and color palettes that go well together. I think that this cake turned out quite nice.

The color choices that the customer made worked well this time. Some customers come in with crazy ideas of what colors work well with each other. We always tell them our opinion with color, but sometimes they just do not listen. I personally think that this cake would have look better with a solid color bow on top, but I can’t make the final decision on it. I was just happy that the customer left our bakery happy with the cake!

swirls and whirls cake

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