Owners and Bosses of the Bakery

So what really is the difference between owners and bosses of the bakery? Not much in our case. I work at a family business. It is not my family. The business has six family members who work there, only two are owners. The people who own the business are the parents. Three of the family members are children and there is one in law working there. Every person with the bakery’s last name assumes they are the leader, even the ones who do not work there.

One “owner” will tell us to do something one way and than the other “owner” will say that we are doing it wrong. When we have a problem however, there are never any “owners” who are willing to deal with our issues. It gets to be a bit frustrating when there is no leadership and when there is leadership its everyone over ruling each other. This is no way to run a business successfully!

There needs to be structure in a small business. We as employees, need to know that when a problem arises that it will be handled. We need to know who our managers are  and who trumps who. Most businesses run with a tiered management structure and that is what my business needs.

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