Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

Here is a fondant jungle baby shower cake that my bakery made. It is very simple and was easy to make.

Here is what I did

Everything on here is fondant, with the exception of the tree. We wrapped a pretzel rod in chocolate fondant so it would stand up straight and be edible. We are big on everything being edible. I mean who would want to bite into a plastic straw, wooden dow, or metal wires holding their cake together.

It really amazes me on some of the ideas that our customers come up with.  They even draw out cake so we get their idea more clearly. This is one of those cakes. We would have preferred to do some of the decorations in buttercream, just our preference, but the customer wanted all fondant. She’s the boss and she loved her jungle baby shower cake.

Fondant Jungle Baby Shower Cake

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