Topsy Turvy Directions

Topsy Turvy cakes are fairly easy  to make. They look hard to make and people are very impressed by them. First, you will need to bake a few cakes and then level them straight. I prefer to use a few 9 inch round cakes and a level.  Next you will want to ice in between the layers and  stack your cakes accordingly. Now make sure to level your cake flat, you will want your trimmed cake to resemble a box~straight up and down sides and a flat top. Once this is done, cut at angle from one top corner of your cake about 2/3 the way down to the other side of the cake. Remove the top piece that you just cut and coat the bottom half of your cake with icing. Now flip the top piece of your cake around, so both of the high pieces of the cake lay on top of each other. Make sure that the top and bottom pieces lay flat together and have straight up and down sides. Cover entire cake with  icing and enjoy your topsy turvy cake. Remember your cake does not have to be perfect, it just has to taste good!

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