Wedding Dots Cake

When adding color to a wedding cake, always remember that the color should be spread out evenly over the tiers. On this cake the bottom two tiers have color, but it just looks like the decorator forgot to put color on the top tier. Since this cake has a completely white top tier it looks unfinished and when customers look at this cake they will think so to.Wedding Dots Cake

Topsy Turvy Cake

This is an example of our topsy turvy cake. By all means they are not my favorite cakes to do. I think they were created when a baker screwed up his batch of cakes. He did not want to remake them, so he just iced it as is and called it the topsy turvy cake.

Customers come into the bakery with picture of exactly what they want their cake to look like all the time. We do not match cakes exactly because we do not like to infringe on other people’s work. Also, when we make our cakes we do not square our cake tiers off, we round them.

Here the top tier looks like it is being swallowed up by the bottom tier. I know that is the way some people like their cake to look but not me. However sometimes you just have to do what the boss tells you to! It maybe not have been the look the customer was going for, but we had no complaints. Also the vertical stripes are not straight nor do they even look the same width.Topsy Turvy Cake

Under the Sea Cake

This is one of our under the sea cakes. It is sometime fun to make when the customer just gives you a theme. At other times, we need to follow a color pallette or drawing instructions.
For this cake I do I do see some 3D elements, yet there could be more. The sea weed could be higher and the color could be mixed better instead of just being striped. The coral could have had thicker lines to make it look more realistic and those fish a child could have drawn. Just by adding a little more detail can make a world of difference in your cakes! Also, if they chose a darker color bow for the topper it would have pulled this cake together better.

Tropical Cake

This cake has a few issues. First, I will mention the black and white things, what are they exactly and why are they there? They don’t seem to blend with the cake, so why not just leave them off.Tropical Cake Next, I will mention the combination painting and airbrushing on the butterflies and the leaves.  I’m all for both, however if the leaves and butterflies have lines they should both either have painted lines or airbrush lines. Finally, the spots of icing that are not smooth. By doing this the decorator just made the cake look like it had areas of mess ups, either ice the cake smooth or leave it choppy.

Twin Boys Cake

Once again, I see a cake that has something not centered on it, this time it is the twin blocks. My suggest would be to put the middle to blocks down 1st than to add the 1st and last letter. By doing that, the middle letters will be in the center of the cake.

Cross Cake

Cross Cake This cake looks nice being fondant covered, but the decorator made a mistake by not finishing the ribbon in gold. The bow has 2 stripes of gold on each piece, yet the ribbon only has 1. I think the cake looks a bit unfinished and would have looked better with 2 strips of gold on the bow.

Louis Vouitton Hat Cake

Louis Vouitton Hat CakeI think that if you placed this cake next to a real Louis Vouittion hat it would look similar, however the work is a bit sloppy. The writing is not centered and you can see the cardboard that the hat was placed on. The cardboard could have easily been trimmed down to be the same size as the cake or a border could have been added to cover it up.

Retro Flowers

Retro Flowers

Well this is an interesting cake, retro flowers! I probably would not have known what they were if someone did not tell me though. I think this cake would have been much nicer if the leaves would have actually looked like leaves instead of triangles.

Barbie and Ken Wedding Cake

Barbie and Ken Wedding Cake

Someone is getting married and they wanted a barbie cake. How cute is that? Remember when making a barbie cake that the cake needs to be altered in the same way a dress does. Most brides do not have a dress that is squared off at the top like this one is. This dress should have been tapered a bit so it wouldn’t look so square.

Chocolate Stained Glass Cake

Chocolate Stained Glass CakeThis is an interesting idea and when exectuted correctly it could be beautiful. The chocolate pieces should have been placed closer together to look more like stained glass. Maybe even the color of the icing should have been different to give the cake a more dramatic effect.