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A bakery’s website is now the way of the future. If you do not have a website you are living in the past. A website describes your business. A good website will allure people to your business. Your website will basically do the selling for you. Our bakery website does not do this for our business. All the employees know this but we can not change it. Our owners realize this to but are to lazy to fix it. It is very tiresome and embarrassing to continually tell customers that they must call the bakery to find out prices of our products or come in to see pictures of our work. Our website should have these basic things. It should also have a link to upload pictures and order cakes. We should have wedding cake prices and a order form so people can do their ordering from their home if they choose to. We live in an age of technology where the we should be able to do everything online. We could even hire a company like  to help us fix our computers so we do not have any issues. So with my bakery not having this, we are behind in the times!

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