I’m The Boss So What’s He Doing Here?

I got hired as a pastry chef . I worked at a restaurant and had two employees underneath me. When I got hired I was told that I was in charge of everything that came out of the pastry area. The boss told me that I would be creating menus for parties and daily meals. I thought it was great.

However , I quickly realized this was not going to be the case.  There was another pastry chef that use to come in randomly. He use to work there, so they respected his opinion. I realized that I should just get along with him. Together we would be able to put out a better menu than alone.

He did not want to collaborate with. He felt that even though he work a few days a month, that he could call and boss me around from his home. When I asked the owners what was going on they just blew me off and said well he knows what were used to and what we want.

This did not sit well with me. I’m a team player and all but a semi part timer being my boss? What did they hire me for? They could have hired a lower paid person to take orders from this guy. The restaurant advertised for a Pastry Chef and that’s what they got. If they were not going to respect me in that fashion, I was just going to find someone that would. So needless to say, I moved on to better pastures.

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