Waiting In Line At The Bakery

Waiting in line at the bakery sucks, especially when the line is long. At my job, we always have a line. Everyone has to wait, even if you preordered your baked goods, even if you paid already. I know it is not a good system but it is the one we have. No, we do not have a different line for ordered goods. No, I can not help you as I am the decorator putting cakes out for sale. My suggestion is to take a number and wait just like everyone else. Maybe you could complain to management and they would change their line structure, instead of just telling me. My suggestion to you, is to order you goods for early morning and than ask the sales girl when is a good time to come in so you do not have to wait in line all day. Or maybe we can get some menus printed up from someone like www.printingpeach.com so the customers have something to read while waiting in line. Always remember that a line in the bakery is good. It shows that are products are worth the wait!

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