Baby’s Birthday Cake Recipies

It’s so much fun when  you’re having a baby. You get to buy all these little cute clothes and shoes. A shower is usually thrown in honor of your new little arrival. Than there comes the cake, usually a few. There are one or two for the shower, than once the baby is born, a party cake for the introduction, and then finally the first birthday party. Here I will try to help you figure out what you would like to do as far as a figuring out recipes for a baby’s birthday cake.

Usually, a first birthday cake has a few elements. They usually are vanilla cake, vanilla icing, a cute picture of the baby, and a number one candle somewhere.  I like to add a smash cake for the baby. It is usually a small four or six-inch one layer cake made to resemble the big cake. This way the main cake can be any flavor the host would like to serve. A lot of time people get some form of chocolate cake. Chocolate is usually a flavor babies are told to stay away from until they are two, however some people don’t take that advice.

Recipes for baby birthday cakes I like to use are vanilla based with color added to them. This way, once the cake is cut open the baby sees pretty colors of pinks or blues or whatever color you would like. Theses colors also make for great pictures with colored cake all over your babies face. I also sometime add colored sugar or colored sprinkles to the mix of vanilla cake. There is just something that I like about making a confetti cake as we call them here.  My bakery has always had luck with the flat round sprinkles as opposed to the long one. The long one always seem to melt during baking.

Lots of time my baby cake recipes call for fondant icing. Some parents do not want their children to get all messy with colored buttercream, so this is a great option for them. There is a lot of misconceptions about fondant. Most people feel that it does not taste good, that’s because they are not a little kid anymore. Kids just love the fondant we make. Yes, we do make our own fondant! We use a base of marshmallows and sugar. It is sweeter than others but come on, who doesn’t love marshmallow?  Our customers love it especially with chocolate cake and maybe some graham cracker filling. Smores anyone?

It is pretty easy to come up with recipes for baby birthday cakes assuming that you  would just like a basic flavor. I mean you could go all out, but would your baby really enjoy it or even remember it? Chances are no to both. Babies enjoy trying new things, as long as it is not too much for their young palettes to deal with. We do not want you to get a flavor where your babies would not want to eat the cake. Or would you?

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