Proofing Rolls

My proofer is not in the ideal spot, actually it couldn’t be in a worse spot. It is right next to the back door. Now I have asked numerous times if it could be moved and I was told no. My proof box is nothing more than an old metal box with a hot plate in it. I add water to an old can, place it on to the hot plate, and close the door. I wait until the box gets warm so I can add my rolls and bread. Now if your employees keep the back door open so they can smoke in the middle of winter, how do you expect the proof box to get warm? It won’t, but than you look at me like where’s my rolls? Hello, what part of  can we move the box do you not understand? If you do not wanna move it, tell your employees they are not allowed to open that door and to use one of the other 3! This way I can do my job properly.

Going Beyond Your Duties

The bakery where I work I am always asked to go beyond my duties. I was hired as a cake decorator. This involves icing and decorating cakes. That’s it! We are not suppose to do anything  that is not relate to cake decorating. That means answering phones, taking orders, baking, or waiting on customers.

Recently, our one owner has being trying to change my duties. When the phone rings she wants me to get  it. She wants me to take customer orders. She basically wants me to start doing my job and the job of a counter girl. Now when I have to do both jobs my original job as a decorator gets put on hold. that means all of my timed cake orders have to wait until I’m done on the phone. So if a customer come in for their cake early it is probably not going to be done.  All this is fine to a point.

The point comes when my cake order is late because of me answering the phones. The customer gets mad and than the owner gets mad at me for not having the cake ready. Well guess what? It is all your fault for making me do others jobs!  Hire people for the job you need to fill. Do not under staff your bakery and expect people to fill in where needed and still rush around to get everything done. It is not going to happen like you want it to. The only  thing that is happening is that you are making people mad both customers and employees.

Lying in the Bakery

I do a lot of ordering at my work. What I do not order, someone else does. I always try to stay up to date on all the prices of the goods coming in reguardless of who is ordering them. This way if I ever open up my own business, I will have an idea of ingredient prices.

So when I heard the owner tell me that something cost a lot more than it actually does it annoys me. Why are they trying to lie to me? Do they not realize that I know how much everything cost?

Now I was told, maybe they were trying to get the point across that prices have gone up. Maybe they feel that we are being wasteful with product? Everything that is wasted in a day cost a lot of money in the end. I understand all that, but do not come to me and tell me that each batch of icing cost a thousands of dollars to make. I clearly know that its only hundreds. I now and always will see you as a liar  and how will that benefit your business?

No Wedding Cake Orders

Happy 11-11-11! Today is a huge day in the wedding world. Which means bakeries are very busy making and delivering wedding cakes. Everyone knew this day would come so they prepared for it! They went to bridal shows, ran ads, tweeted about it, and posted specials on the facebook walls.

My bakery did none of the above! We are for sale. We are losing business on a daily basis. This time last year, I could expect a 40+ hour work week. This year I’m barely making 30 hours.  We do not advertise or use any social media outlet to drum up business. This weekend I only had one wedding cake! ONE! Most bakeries are packed with wedding cake orders this weekend.

The owners just keep saying “No one has any money to spend that is why we are not busy.” Nope that’s not it! We did not do what we are suppose to do in order to get business. My co worker mentioned to the owner ” Do you know what today is? Other local bakeries have a lot of wedding cake orders. Where are ours at?”  The owner said “Really”. Yes really!!!!

Hovering Around in the Bakery

I work for someone like most people do. One thing I find especially annoying is when they hover. Sometimes it is okay with me, such as if they are waiting for me to write on a cake. Other times, I want you to get out of my room and leave me alone, especially when I am fixing something you screwed up on.

Do you realize that people in general do not like to be started at? Maybe you do not realize you are doing this or maybe you are trying to intimidate me in some way. Either way, realize that you are hovering and that I will never be intimidated by you.

If I wanted your input on something I would ask you. If you do not know how to do what I am, why are you telling me how to do it? Do you realize you should only give advice when you know about it or when it is asked of you.


Uniforms are great! They are basically a advertisement of where you work. People look at and read shirts with sayings. If I see a dirty, old, or torn up shirt, I will not be patronizing your business. However if I see an employee with a semi new, clean, not torn shirt I will patronize your place. I want to know that business owners care about how they and their employees look. So do me a favor the next time you see a employee with a ripped or old shirt, put out the money and buy new ones. It probably will help your business.

Not Opening on Time

I am always on time. I think it is a good character trait to have. It shows dependability and a willingness to work. So why when I show up to work do I always have to wait for you to get there? At first, I thought you over slept, okay one day is fine but why did you not call to tell me? Here I am, sitting in your parking lot waiting for you to come. Than you show up and say, oh I didn’t know you would be waiting for me. I do not have keys to go in so why wouldn’t I be? The next week and numerous times after this the same thing happens.  Other employees are with me these times, were all talking about leaving after your really late. Some do but I stayed because I’m getting paid to sit in the parking lot. The next time it happens, I have had enough and I leave to! Than you have the nerve to get mad at me for not coming to work! Show up on time and maybe your employees will not leave. This is no way to run a business!

Phone Usage

I know you do not want us to make personal phone calls on the bakery phone. We do anyway, so you have decided to end all outgoing calls. Now what happens when we need a line out? Oh, we have to use our own personal cell phones to call the bakery to get a line out. So now, I have to waste a minute to call the bakery, wait for the phone to ring, pick it up while hanging up my phone, than make a call out. God Forbid I have to call 911, I have to run to get my phone, call and tell the operator right where I am. She can not see my location like she could if I called from your phone! Now what would happen if one of your 15 year old employees had to call in a panic, do you think she could remember your address? Oh, she might not? Well my suggestion would be to get an outgoing line!

Do You Want to Learn?

learnWe all think that we are the best at what we do. Some of us are and others not so much. I always try and help people with what they are doing. If I know something and you don’t,  why should I not help you? I also wanna learn what you know. If you do not want my help just say so. I do not need to be wasting my time showing you the right way to do something if you are not gonna listen.

Knocking On The Bathroom Door!

It is a fact of life, we need to use the bathroom. So why is it that when I’m in there, you find the need to come knocking on the bathroom door? I have been in there for two minutes! I will come out and do my work when I am finished in here.

When this first started happening I though someone was waiting so I hurried up and got out. To my surprise no one was there this time or the next few either.  I started to wonder what was going on. By the end of the week I was just annoyed, but to my surprise my manager came to me and asked me what I was doing in there? I was shocked by this question, did he really just ask me that? So I answered him that I was using it. He said that he noticed I use it everyday at the same time. He wanted to make sure that my two minute bathroom break I was not calling someone!

Needless to say I did not stay at this place long after this conversation. It is one thing to check up on someone if they are missing for thirty minutes but definitely not two.

Bringing in Customers

There are many ways to bring customers in the door. Advertising and word of mouth are both great ways to get customers. So why are you not advertising your business? In the years I have worked here, you actually have advertised less and you are wondering we are not getting new customers. The customers we do have you do not seem to care about. You let them leave unhappy and we’re not going to have good word of mouth from that.

There are so many media outlets you can advertise with. Some of them are free, such as twitter and facebook. Do we have either of these accounts, nope. We do have a three page website that looks like it was an original website made. Did you spend 100 bucks on that? It surely couldn’t have costed more than that. Your website tells nothing about your business. So how do you expect customers to find out about you?


In order to be great you should have a great appearance. Appearance is the first thing people see when they meet you. When customers come into your store, they want to see great products along with a happy staff. They want to see clean pressed uniforms and well groomed people. In the food service industry there are rules that should be followed. Hair should be clean and tied back. Who wants your hair in their food? Your clothes should be clean! Would you eat food from a dirty person? Clean proper foot wear and maybe some orthotics so you can stand proper.  There is nothing worse than seeing dirty shoes or funky toes when I’m ordering my food. But the worst for me is seeing someone with bad oral hygiene, I mean there are places like to get your smile fixed if you need to. And don’t even get me started on cleanliness of the store front, I shouldn’t have to see dirt in a bakery! Oh and if you have little critters roaming around call someone like and get it taken care of!

Customers Who Want It All

Why can’t you do this 10 tiered cake for 30 people? Why can’t you draw 3 transformers on my 8 inch cake? Why can’t I place a order for 15 pies for 30 minutes from now? Why Don’t you do this? Why Don’t you do that? Why Why Why???
We Try our best to do everything that everyone wants, but sometime we just can’t. We may not have the product, the supplies, or the time to do your order. Things cannot always come immediately. Our bakery need time to prepare, order, and figure out how we are going to make things. This is not a supermarket where you can just walk in and buy something premade.  We are a bakery who cares about the product that is being put out! Can you make a dinner for 5 people in two minutes? NO! Well why not, you think we should be able to do things like that.

Fire Drills

Ah, Fire Drills are sometimes the highlight of my day. There could not be anything I like more some days, but could you do me a favor? Do not get mad at me for your alarm going off. It is not my fault that it went off. I’m just enjoying my time outside across the street like advised. I will be talking and laughing with others about anything and everything. No, I do not want your place to be ruined but I always like to play the what if game, so just deal with it!