Owners Who Do Not Care

I seem to work for owners who do not care about their bakery anymore. Every bakery has their ups and down, but where I work it seems to have more downs. My bakery is more than 100 years old. It is ran by the second generation owners. The owners are almost 80. They do not want to revamp the business even though it is losing money.  All they do is complaint on how they are not making money, that all their problems are employee related and that it is a product of a bad economy. Well they are wrong! The main problem is them.

They come in to the bakery everyday and just complain about anything and everything! They believe it is everyone else’s fault that the business is doing poorly not theirs!

All the employees have at one time or another tried to help the situation out by giving them ideas about new products or what other places are selling. It all falls or deaf ears. Unless we are part of the family by blood, our ideas do not make it out to the store.  Countless time we have voiced our displeasure to tried and remedy the situation but with no luck.  It just seems like they do not care. Maybe it’s time to move on and finally look for my own location. I keep seeing http://hispersonalbest.com/ mentioned when I search for properties – maybe that’s where I’ll start. And maybe I’ll get a business mentor like garybizzo.com to help me start out on the right track!