Selling the Bakery

Deciding to sell a business is a hard decision to make. It is not just something to decide over night. Most owners think about selling it for months, maybe even years. So why when I asked you if we were gonna close did you not tell me? Why when I told you I saw the listing online did you act like you did not know? Do you think I’m stupid? I know that you are selling the bakery!

You decided that selling the bakery was the right decision for you. I should have been told, maybe I would like to buy it. I’m a good employee that will stick it out to the end, maybe. I should not have found out one day by having potential buyers walking around! That was just a slap in the face for my years of service to you. Do you not realize that you are going to be putting me out of a job? It would be nice to know that I will be needing to look for a job in a few months.

It’s also nice to be updated on what’s going on.  People come and they go and they come again. Are they buyers? When do you think would be a good time to tell me that the place is sold, when I come into work and the doors are locked one morning? Let me know things in advance so I can plan too. Maybe I should get a realtor like Michael or to come buy your bakery.