Wreath Cake

Here is one of our versions of a wreath cake. It too is a popular seller at Christmas time. We generally sell out of these cakes very quickly, regardless of how many we make. They are very tasty but much more expensive than other cake that we make.

How I made it

It is a 8 inch cake covered in buttercream. The border of the cake is made from a leaf tip with green buttercream. We made straight red lines with a round tip, for the candles and than added a yellow flame with our rose tip bag. We piped on a buttercream bow on the side of the cake and than added it’s ribbon.

Wreath Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

It’s that time of year again where everything is merry and bright. Here is our first Christmas tree cake of the season! Ugly and gaudy I know, but the customers just love them.

How it is done

This Christmas tree cake was made in a shaped pan. It only comes in pound cake. It is iced in a poured fondant icing, tinted green. We covered the stump of the tree in chocolate buttercream and add buttercream decorations and Christmas sugars. It requires a lot of time and effort on our part, but the customers are so happy to see and buy them.Christmas Tree Cake

Baby Butt Cake

I am not a fan of this baby butt cake. I get the idea that the decorator was going for, but it is still just a baby butt cake with no head.


In order to create this cake the decorator used 2 cakes and set it up like a tradition tiered cake. On the top tier the decorator tried to round the cake so it was shaped more like a baby butt. She iced it white to look like a diaper, added some chocolate fondant legs, and added blanket to cover it all. She added polka dots to the entire cake to make it balanced and added a bow at the bottom.

I feel that at least some parts of this cake could have been done better, like adding fondant ruffles to the diaper area. This way it could cover up any imperfections in the icing. It would have also looked more realistic. The bow at the bottom could have been done better also.  The bows loops do not look to be the same size and it does not have that nice little wrinkle bows have or even ribbons.Baby Butt Cake

Ordering Your Birthday Cake

Ordering Your Birthday CakeWhen you go into a bakery to order a cake remember theses things. Our normal for sale birthday cakes are a set price anything that you would like to add in addition to this is extra. That includes flavored icings, different flowers, drawings, photo scans, or borders/trims. If your cake idea is not the normal for the bakery it will cost more. The more you get angry over our cake prices, the less we are willing to do for you. Niceness and customer loyalty goes a long way with getting what you want. Remember you are coming to us for a product that you can not or do not want to do yourself.

Ordering Your Wedding Cake

Ordering Your Wedding CakeThere are some things that you need when ordering your wedding cake. The exact number of guest you would like to feed. What colors you will be using along with swatches. What flavor of cake you want. What type of design you are looking for. Most cake designers do not like replicating other peoples work so exact matches may be hard to come by. Do not depend on the bakery having tons of pictures for you to look at for this reason. It may also be wise of you to know that extras such as fillings, design, or flowers can be an extra charge. Anything beyond a normal cake  is extra, it cost us more so it will cost you more also.

Customer Designed Cakes

Customer Designed CakesI just love when a customer come into my store and knows exactly what they want. It really is a breath of fresh air except when they want to design their cake in  a way that does not make sense. When a customer tells me that they are a designer or artist I get worried. Just because you understand design and detail it does not mean it will look good on your tiered cake or that we can do exactly how you want it. At the end of the day we are the ones that know what will look best with your ideas. If you choose to go against us and you do not like your cake that is your fault! No money back because you designed your cake in a way we did not agree with.  We are the ones that know how fondant, buttercream, and chocolate take color or how it needs to  be placed on cakes. So the n ext time you question us remember that we are trying to give you the best product we can.

Traveling with Cake

transformer cakeTraveling with cake seems like a no brainier but, most people do not understand that cakes need to be on a flat surface for transportation. If you order a cake please make a clean spot in your car for it. The bakery staff should not have to clean a spot out in your car for it! If you realize you can not transport the cake safely please let us know and we will be happy to deliver  it to you for a nominal fee.

We hate seeing cakes being brought back to the bakery because your kids toy fell on the cake and you need it fixed asap. We also hate telling you that you have to pay to get it fixed. We are not responsible for your cake once you take it from our store unless it is somehow our fault. Dog bites from your cake and butt prints from your kids sitting on it is not our fault.

Cake Decorations

snowflake cakeI recently came across a cake website where the cake decorations were all fondant but the cake was buttercream. They looked great! These cakes were all perfectly iced and completely smooth. The decoration however was nothing but fondant.

I emailed the owner and when speaking to the designer of the cakes she said, “Most people hate the taste of fondant but they love the clean look of it. What I have done here is given the the best of two worlds and people seem to be happy.” I think that people just haven’t tasted the good fondant bakeries make or pay a lot of money for. That stuff is tasty!

So the next time your dealing with a customer who does not want an entire fondant iced cake mention using both like this designer did!

Fondant Fabric

So I just came across something called fondant fabric online. Let me  say this product is not for professionals! I can use up to 60 pounds of fondant per week. Theses sheets are only good for covering up to a 14 inch cake. At $25.00 a pop I much rather spend $60 bucks for 20 pounds and cover more than 3 cakes. It would cost you $75 bucks to cover three cakes with these sheets. Oh and what if they rip on you, than your out of luck! I believe these sheets are made for the novice decorator who does not know to much about kneading or rolling out fondant. So if you are one of those  people give it a try, as for me I’m sticking with arm strength and my rolling pin.

Piping Sugar Veil

Piping Sugar VeilI recently tried sugar veil for the very first time.  I was so excited to use it, the articles I had read on it made it seem so easy to do. Damask was my pattern of choice for my first time, needless to say it was  hard to do! Maybe it was the detailed pattern or maybe it was the sugar veil. The sugar veil was the consistency of melted marshmallows and it was extremely hard to pipe. Once I finished one line and pulled the bag away, the sugar veil would make a peak on the end of the line that I than had to fix. When I finished piping my designs I was only 80% please with the look. However when I picked up the design to place on my cake I was 100% pleased because it was flexible and easy to do. Now I probably will use it again but maybe not for very detailed patterns.

Making Cake Templates

Making Cake TemplatesIn my business I make  a lot of 2D cakes. For these cakes I always make a template to put on top of my cake before I cut into it. Some templates I make freehand and some I make using the kopy kake machine.  Either way, I always cut a piece of cardboard to the size I need and sketch out the design I need onto it. After I finish, I cut out the design and place it onto my cake.  Once I have cut out my design from the cake, I may need to cut some free hand work but I never do it all freehand!

Airbrushing Camouflage

Airbrushing CamouflageAirbrushing camouflage is very easy to do. I usually do green camouflage. I start out with a white cake and than airbrush it a light shade of green.  Next, I airbrush a medium shades of green ink spots, than brown ink spots in airbrush than black spots to the cake. Finally if needed, I go over the entire cake in green again to make the cake just a little bit dark.

Tie dyed Fondant

Tie dyed FondantTie dyed fondant is a bit tricky. No two pieces will ever come out the same. The fondant is more marbleized than Tie dyed. I suggest getting a few colors of fondant you would like to use and placing them side by side. Roll the fondant in a ball, cut that ball in half once or twice and place it side by side again. Now roll the fondant in a ball again, than roll the fondant flat to the thickness that you need.

Airbrushing Tie Dye on Buttercream

Airbrushing cakes is one of the easiest ways to decorate. To successfully get the look of Tie dye on buttercream,I suggest first putting your cake on a turntable and having your icing as smooth as possible. Now choose the colors you plan on airbrushing with and start off with the lightest color first.  I always start with yellow.  I make a thin w pattern in a circular (swirl) motion around my cake with the yellow, once I complete this I start with my next color leaving a tiny bit of white in between the yellow and the color I am using.  I continue this until I use all of the colors I planned to and my cake is completely covered in Tye dye.  It is okay if your colors blended together not all Tye dye is the same. You can also use white airbrush to lighten up areas where you would like it to be a little lighter. My cakes are usually bright tie dyes as I recommend against pastels because the effect does not come out the same.